5 Star Ratings for Uber Drivers

Top reasons riders give 5 star ratings

  • Their driver is dressed professionally
  • There are extras available in the car: Bottled water, extra chargers
  • Their driver knows major city landmarks and can get there without GPS assistance
  • Their driver opens doors before and after the trip
  • Their driver asks for the rider’s name to confirm it’s their ride
  • Their driver asks for a rider’s preferred route
  • Their driver gives them a polite greeting
  • Their driver asks the rider for a preferred radio station
  • Their driver asks the rider for the preferred AC temperature
  • Their driver communicates with them: letting them know why the ETA was wrong, why their driver was at a different location; why their driver took a different road
  • Their driver stays calm and polite when dealing with riders AND other drivers on the road

Top reasons riders give a 1 star rating


  • Calling a rider unnecessarily
  • Asking for 5 star ratings
  • Asking for tips
  • Taking inefficient routes: Riders like it when their driver takes the most direct route and communicates if there is a need to change it
  • Clicking “Begin Trip” too early or “End Trip” too late
  • Having a dirty car
  • Odours in the car (smoke or body odour)
  • Quoting Uber prices
  • Not having an GoVia or Toll Pass
  • Not having the AC/heater on when it’s needed
  • Not following traffic laws



If you’ve been deactivated due to low ratings, our ratings improvement class will get you back on the road and get you the certificate you need to get reactivated with uber.


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